Review – El Clásico (2015). Mild spoilers ahead!

—- CONTENT WARNINGS The movie does contain a couple of instances of strong swearing, and some brief (but non-graphic) violence which we see the results of. It also contains a brief surgery with some blood shown. —- HOW I CAME TO SEE IT Recently, the Valletta Film Festival came and went, catching me somewhat off-guard. […]

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Homeless Beggar, Lottery Winner

The following is an older poem I wrote a while back. I think it still holds up fairly well, but don’t worry, I’ll soon have more recent content posted here. —- Little old Jim, was rather slim, Down on his luck, he was! Lived in a house, along with a mouse, Actually a box, it […]

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Miasmatic Days

Oh the mind which aches and sways on tattered winds and dreary days. The suns outside and so’s a breeze but inside’s like a vile squeeze. Can’t leave for fear of pestilence to give the gift no men’ve asked hence. Through seeping pores and clammy hands clothes grip firmly with discomforting sands. Shaking bones and […]

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It’s alive! (but possibly lazy??)

Hello there! I wrote a children’s book that a fair few people enjoyed (and not just friends and family, either!!), which you can read about HERE (once that page is complete) and buy from HERE (right now, since that page is complete). My name is Michael Clarke, generally known as ‘Mike’ to the physical world […]

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